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Joint Air Command Squadrons

on World of Warplanes

Your are also welcome to join
Knights of the Dark Command 

on  World of Warcraft, Realm Terokkar.

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If you would like to join the site please click on the join site link above  

then fill out the information to become a member of the site. 

We are Recruiting new mature and active members. We are a Social, Training, and Team Oriented Group that is preparing for the World of Warplanes upcoming clan wars. If you are not active in both the game the website and the clan chat room you will not be very successful in this Clan. We do use GameVox for voice over internet . It is free, easy to set up and will contribute greatly to your success in Battle, in Flights, and in the Clan.

      We must try to rise to the Ideals of Justice, Courage, Mercy, Benevolence, Politeness, Harmony, Honesty, Sincerity, Loyalty, Character, Self-Control, Honor in all of our actions. In battle, in clan chat, in battle chat and in other chat rooms. I know this is not an task easily undertaken but it will raise us to a higher level ethical and moral standards rarely seen in this day and age. With these standards will come self respect and pride as well as envy and jealousy from others that we will also have to rise above. 

      Like wise rude, lude, vile, argumentative, insubordination, threatening, excessive negativity or harassing behavior will not be tolerated in any way!

Col. LaSandren Commanding

WoWP - Join the Conquest Testing Team!
22nd Feb 2017 · Colonel LaSandren · Special Game Mode Testing · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

WoWP - Join the Conquest Testing Team!
Yesterday General News Announcements

We’re launching a limited Public Test of the new World of Warplanes update. One of the main features will be the new "Conquest" game mode and focuses on storming the skies to capture and hold key points on the ground.
One of the main features will be the new "Conquest" game mode which focuses on storming the skies to capture and hold key points on the ground.

The new game mode is inviting testers!
21st Feb 2017 · Colonel LaSandren · Updates · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

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 The new game mode is inviting testers!
In World of Warplanes begins closed beta of the new regime, "Conquest". The essence of the mode is to capture and hold the key points on the battlefield.
"Conquest" mode

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