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30th Dec 2015

Colonel LaSandren
Colonel LaSandren  10  
you have been told time and again to keep your playing average above 2 games per day for any 28 day period, and if this were military you would be under Courts Martial for Dereliction of Duty.
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Oh my god, dude. This is a game. I'm sorry I'm not lazy like you and don't have time to play EVERY Day. Wow. This is NOT the military and I'm tempted to email Wargaming concerning your actions as a clan member. Your actions and your tone are immature and disgusting. No wonder you had so many good players leave a few months ago. Lol. Unbelievable. SteelPhoenix and I will not be returning to your childish "clan" due to your horrible leadership - wait, your LACK of leadership. I will contact as many clan mates as I can and forward your reply to them so they will understand that evidently, the leader of the clan thinks he's running some sort of paramilitary organization. Get a life, old man. Lol. Fuck you. Lol
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Colonel LaSandren
You started this scooter and email them if you like you are the one squeaking and complaining. As for lazy that is the last thing I have been since Jan 31 1991 when my father was killed and I had to take over the responsibility of  a 50 year old man at 18. To hold together what he built and take rain of the family and assets. when all I should have need to worry about was my fiance. So contact WG if you like then take yourself and your self righteous self pity and take a long walk off a short pier, I will shed no tears for you nor waste any pity on you as you seem to do that quite well of doing both for yourself. 

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31st Dec 2015

Conversation with steelphoenix1 when I opened up tanks today:

SteelPhoenix1 (12/30/2015 2:26:10 AM) Hi ********** ,
SteelPhoenix1 (12/30/2015 2:30:22 AM) FYI i ******* my time with the JACS it was good flying with you when i was flying .... i couldn't get planes to run so i had been playing tanks and i understand what you are going for with the planes . Good luck with that! I was online when you booted me i would have liked to hear from you then and i also didn't appreciate being forced off the JACS vox server as i do still have alot of JACS friends but it is your clan and your server i just thought being uncerimoniously kicked out of everything without so
SteelPhoenix1 (12/30/2015 2:31:12 AM) much as a word was alittle cold . Just thought i'd let you know how i felt. Again good luck and keep smilin
SteelPhoenix1 (12/30/2015 2:35:45 AM) PS i was looking for a new clan and noticed you were down to 63 players so i am really dumbfounded now ????? if you were at 95 and pressing the limits ii would have no problem understanding .... no I feel alittle bad
SteelPhoenix1 (12/30/2015 2:53:06 AM) wow now i am just ****** as i checked the ratings page and you have other people that did not meet your new requirements either one of which had 4 battles with 100% rating so you just kept him to pad your numbers ....... i am severly disappointed to say the least ...i expected alot more of you
LaSandren (12/31/2015 1:17:58 PM) no I am not dumb founded I have kicked nearly all of them out for inactivity, as well as refusing applications from people that do not rise to our standards so don't feel bad there is not a thing going wrong with the clan
LaSandren (12/31/2015 1:34:42 PM) and you can thank Moose for his ranting about getting you banned from every direction that he attacked us.
LaSandren (12/31/2015 1:53:49 PM) Moose has cussed, harassed and defamed in ever avenue available to him so measure have been take to block you both as he says he is speaking for you as well.
LaSandren (12/31/2015 1:54:08 PM) here statements copied from chat from other members.
LaSandren (12/31/2015 1:54:31 PM) Recruit Heallen29th DecFrankly I'm a little shocked at what I see scrolling down here. I respect that Lasandren is trying to maintain an active clan. Personally I sought out this clan to avoid exactly the type of language and criticism I see here.
LaSandren (12/31/2015 1:57:19 PM) Capt. joe5429th DecSecound. Moose is a classic example of who we don't want in the clan. The play or lack of play here is irrelevent. Your style or win rate doesn't count as much as your exhibiition of class. If you look at the home page you see who we are looking for
LaSandren (12/31/2015 2:05:17 PM) I don't care what your numbers were as long as you were active. I played 16 battles in 2.5 hours which is more than a weeks worth of battles. and yes we have two people that have made arrangements to be gone for a period of time. This has be posted and messaged about since the end of october so everyone was given everyone plenty of time. This was discussed with senior officers and I gave more time and notice than was suggested so if I am hitler or a jerk you better get all the facts.
LaSandren (12/31/2015 2:07:12 PM) Good Bye and I wish you well but I no longer wish to deal with the absenteeism nor the conflict that Moose and by extention you bring.

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Joined: 6th Mar 2014
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31st Dec 2015

From Moose in tanks today when I opened it:

Who_Goosed_The_Moose (12/30/2015 9:55:30 AM) Interesting how there are other players in JACS who don't meet your requirements, and yet they are still in your clan....I think you're running your clan like the ******* mafia and you're wanting to pad your numbers to make your clan look better. You're ******* me off more and more. I will be reporting you and your unethical actions to wargaming. Enjoy playing Hitler.
LaSandren (12/31/2015 1:18:53 PM) I am not unethical just because I will not let you in the clan

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