Following Eliodd_1 progress after leaving jacs.
Colonel LaSandren 9th Nov 2016
      Eliodd_1 was removed from jacs because he had been showing a very negative,confrontational, and entitled attitude. He was put in a position where he could do no harm to the clan until such time as he had time to cool off. 3 days later he came back with a worse attitude wanting to know why I, the clan commander, and Krazybud, one of the clans XO's "had more pull than he did?" Krazybud had advise me Saturday night when he first flew off the handle at me to remove him from the clan. I merely demoted him to reservist until he had time to cool off. He came back Tuesday night with even a worse attitude saying that if we wanted him gone he would take care of that. Krazy and I both told him in Gamevox that it was just until he cooled off and that we were not kicking him out. However with is determined attitude to leave and cause a scene in the process I went in and excluded him from the clan and banned him from our gamevox server.

     He then went to Rocket_Hacker asking why I was in the position I was. I explained to Rocket_Hacker that I had spent the 2500 gold to form the clan hence I am the Clan Commander, that the gamevox server was my account, I am the site owner of our Iclans website, I bought and am the owner of the domain names and .us. These item continue due to the help and support of members that make donations and any short falls I pay for. I will say that Krazybud has made significant donation to keep the Iclans website going.  Now this is not to gloat or say that I am over anyone due to this, it is just a statement of fact. 

Ok now the starting of the tracking to see how eliodd-1 fairs after leaving the Jacs.  He may do very well if he can get into the right clan. WG knows that there are many out there that dislike the JACS  and even more that HATE ME.


    DATE               Postion +/-               Personal Rating              Clan Affiliation 
11-07-2016           257 +/-0                         7590                      Last Day in JACS
11-08-2016           258    -1                         7592                               none
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