Output 1.9.5 update will be held June 1, 2016.
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Game Version - 1.9.5

Output 1.9.5 update will be held June 1, 2016.

Review updates

Update 1.9.5 brings the game to a completely redesigned aircraft crews development system. Now each member of the crew can be trained in such a way as to maximize its ability to complement the individual style of play and emphasized the characteristics of the particular aircraft.

further optimization of the game client is also carried out - now Hangar will work even faster.

In addition, the improved mechanism for automatic search unit, enhanced reward from festive combat missions on the aircraft, marking the one and two years from the date of purchase.

New system development crews
Machinery and equipment
Balance and Optimization
Other changes
New system development crews

New system development crews

Completely redesigned crew development system. Now pilots and bortstrelkov can be trained in such a way as to maximize their ability to complement the individual style of play and emphasized the characteristics of the particular aircraft.
Skills pilots are divided into two types: the 12 universal working constantly, and 6 special skills aerobatics, which are automatically activated in certain game situations. For example, examining the special ability "Ogneborets", you will be able to quickly put out the fire on board with active maneuvers. Bortstrelki get 8 universal skills. Most of the crew skills that existed in the old system, inherited by the new system, with some modifications.
Unlike the old system in which skills efficiency increased gradually as their study, the new system will be all the skills to work with maximum efficiency immediately after acquisition.
To study skills put skill points that a player earns, gaining experience of the crew in the fighting. The cost of skills varies from 1 to 5 points depending on the degree of their influence on the game situations in combat.
Now the crew, transplanted from normal to the plane of premium, specialty will always be working at 100% and will not require retraining. All earned in battle for premium Flight crew experience will be used to earn skill points. Fighting in the premium aircraft are multiplying factor of + 20% to the experience of the crew.
After the update, all abilities, players selected in the framework of the old system of crews, will be zeroed. Each crew member in the barracks and planes will be awarded skill points in an amount corresponding to the amount accumulated on their experience.
crew interface has been updated to reflect the new skill system.
Machinery and equipment

New aircraft

 Added Gift plane:

North American Mustang IA - United Kingdom, fighter VI level.
 Limited sale: 302 Kostikov

With the release of updates to the limited sale will go premium fighter USSR VII Kostikov level 302. This machine with a rare combination of liquid rocket and scramjet jet engine will appeal to those who prefer a swift dagger attack and play at high speed.

Included with the aircraft will be available kit comprising a unique camouflage pattern, which increases the maximum speed by 5%, as well as bow decoration and logo. Also set Kostikov 302 fighter consists of 20 automatic fire extinguisher.

New equipment

We added two new types of equipment to increase the yield in the fighting. "Confirmation of the earth" increases compensation for loans at 50% of the battle. "Confirmation of aerial photography" increases the amount of experience earned per fight by 25%. These types of equipment can be purchased only at the counters - at a cost of 1 token. Equipment used automatically at the end of the fight.

Balance and Optimization

Edits balance of aircraft and weapons

IL-40, IL-40P - reduced the effectiveness of 23-mm turret AM-23.
Increased the range of 1600 lb bomb. (Installed on F2G Super Corsair).
The radii of 100 lb bombs explosions. (Installed on the Hawk III), 500 lb. (Installed on the XP-75 Eagle), 500 lb. (Installed on the Mosquito Mk.26), 250 kg. (Installed on J7W1 Shinden, J7W2 Shinden-Kai, J7W3), 250 kg. (Installed on J4M Senden) brought in line with the parameters of other bombs similar level.

"Modules" tab Optimized. Interface Processing Angara and downloading 3D-models of aircraft are divided into different streams. Now all operations research, purchase and installation of the modules will be much faster.
"Maintenance" tab Optimized. Operations with ribbons and ammunition will be much faster.
improved flight near the ground system

A new support mechanism, which will greatly simplify the management of aircraft at very low altitudes and ground attack.

Strengthened ground effect near the surface topography.
Simplified way out of the dive at midget height.
Improved the behavior of the aircraft on inclined surfaces.
Changed the behavior of the control system for maneuvering in the land:
With a large deviation in the yaw axis ultra low altitude aircraft will raise the nose and perform a turn with a roll for more efficient maneuvering.
When the dangerous maneuvers on ultra low altitude aircraft will tend to align parallel to the surface.
For a more visual representation of the flight at ultra low added visual effects: a variety of particles flying into the camera (depending on the surface - spray, dust, sand, etc...), And particle trace raised behind overflying aircraft.
Modified damage from collisions with trees. Now, the collision will cause damage as a percentage of the maximum strength of the aircraft, which will make them equally dangerous for planes at all levels. For low-level machines, respectively, colliding with the trees become more lenient. The amount of damage caused by a collision with a tree, also depends on the aircraft type. Attack planes due rigidity design will get the least damage to the trees.
Changed damage from contact with the surface and static objects. Clash of wings or chassis will cause nonlethal damage and accidental contact will not destroy the plane. The damage is now applied not once only, but gradually, as long touch surface can cause great damage to the aircraft or even destroy it. The collision with the surface of the object or the fuselage still leads to the destruction of the aircraft.
Other changes


A number of drawbacks and the optimization of algorithms for constructing the route and maneuvering boats drums aircraft. In particular, the following logic is optimized to remote targets, algorithms approach the target and turn to re-entry, maneuvering at evading collision with obstacles and the surface.
Realistic camouflage

For a number of aircraft adds a new realistic camouflage that reflects a long and successful service at the front and the inevitable minor injuries, scratches and traces of repair. List of aircraft:

Ilyushin Il-2 (d)
Ilyushin Il-10
Ilyushin Il-20
Messerschmitt Bf 110B
Messerschmitt Bf 109B
Messerschmitt Bf 109E
Messerschmitt Me 410
Supermarine Seafang
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero
Day airplane birthday

Added third award for the performance of combat missions holidays to one year and two years from the date of purchase of the aircraft.
Improving links

Change and improve the mechanics of automatic selection of managers. Changed the logic of selection of a link, added a filter on a level plane, as well as the opportunity to choose from a list of the link manually comers.

Simplified work with the creation of link manually removed the role of master and slave functions of the participants are now the same level. Removed the ability to create a link from one person.

Error correction

Fixed a bug due to which the immunity of the injured and the fire after using the kits and the improvement of fire-fighting came to an end before the expiration of 15 seconds.

1st Jun 2016 Colonel LaSandren
Update 1.9.5 brings a completely redesigned crew development system. Now each crew member can be trained in a way that allows the new skills to complement an individual play style and emphasize the distinguishing characteristics of aircraft as much as possible.

Alongside this, additional optimization of the game client was made — now the Hangar works even faster.

We also improved the mechanism of automatic search for Flight and increased the reward for completing anniversary missions in aircraft celebrating their first and second anniversary since the date of purchase.

New Crew Development System
The crew development system was completely reworked. Now pilots and rear gunners can be trained in a way that allows the new skills to complement an individual play style and emphasize the distinguishing characteristics of aircraft as much as possible.
Pilot's skills are divided into two types: 12 universal skills that are effective for the course of the battle and 6 special skills
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