WoWP - Downtime notification - Thursday Ju
Colonel LaSandren 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th Jun 2016
WoWP - Downtime notification - Thursday June 9th
Hello Pilots! 
We have plans to release World of warplanes on Thursday, June 9th.
Downtime will begin at 1:00am PT and end at 4:00am PT 
Downtime will be about 3 Hours
After the downtime is complete, please run the game launcher to update to World of Warplanes
Please see here for the patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the rockets and bombs that had been researched but not installed on any planes to be unavailable in the Buy tab of the Depot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the information about penalties to crew skill efficiency to continue to display after the crew had been returned to the aircraft it had been trained for.
  • Fixed a bug in the SD game client version that caused switching «Render quality» graphics setting during battle to have no effect.
  • Fixed a bug with an absent scrollbar in the clan chat channels.
  • Added information about +20% crew experience bonus to crews of Premium aircraft on post-battle statistics screen. 

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