----- North American Community Clan Wars ----
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North American Community Clan Wars

Rules that I found.


----- north American community Clan Wars ----
----- Rules of engagement
Overall Event Admin, CW Website Creator/Admin
pigeon_kicker [SF]
WGNA Administrators
GhostPrime[WGA], Priolia[DEV]
NA Community Administrators
Agnotology [DRACS], pigeon_kicker [SF], THEMARCO1979 [WHAWK]
Dispute Resolution Team
GhostPrime [WGA] Team Leader
THEMARCO1979[WHAWK], pigeon_kicker[SF], Agnotology[DRACS]
, and
-----Team Registration-----
1) Team leader has to first register on the Community Clan wars website.
2) Teams must have at least 2 (two) administrators. Normally a Co and an Xo will do.
3) Nickname must be the same as the WOWP nickname (without the tag)
4) Clan logo (PNG format only 50X50)
---Special Notes---
Teams may consist of a single clan, a mix of clans, or a mix of clan/non clans. Mixed teams must submit a
roster prior to registration. Players listed on the roster are not allowed to play for more than 1 team.
Players wishing to change teams/clans must do so through dropping clan tags, and applying to a new clan,
the same goes for player rosters. Players must notify Team Leadership and CW Admins by PM. After a 48
hour period they may join a new team roster by notifying new Team Leadership and CW Admins.
-----Line up rules-----
1) Maximum of 2 Heavy Fighters
2) Maximum of 2 Ground Attack Aircraft
3) Maximum of 2 of the same model. Different model # = different plane.
4) Only planes available through the Tech Tree are allowed, including premium.
5) Maximum of 8 players each side.
6) Plane tier is determined by the territory.
7) Teams may agree to change line-up rules 1-6, however the plane tier required by the territory can only
be increased. Teams can not agree to battle for a territory in a tier lower than what is required by that
8) If teams agree to custom line-ups, screen shots should be saved in the case of any disputes.
-----Weekly Planning-----
1) Monday / Tuesday---War Declarations – Monday 12:01 am. to Tuesday 11:59 pm.
2) Wednesday--- Team time for battle planning.
3) Thursday/Friday---Battles for every territory
during times required (see below)
4)Saturday/Sunday---Peace and quiet days and map update
1) When the war starts, no territory is awarded automatically.
2) 4 teams (maximum) can attack the same country simultaneously.
3) A maximum of 2 attacks is allowed first week, 2
week and beyond max increases to 3.
4) Clans which have no map territories can attack territories which have ocean border.
5) Week 1, landings can happen on all coastal territories or territories on the map border.
6) week 1 and on, landings will happen on all coastal territories only.
7) A team can attack the nearest territory that it is the owner, or across great lakes region.
8) If a Clan/Team is attacked on more territories than it can defend with at least 5 players, then they must
declare a loss at BT+5 minutes.
-----Battle Times-----
1) North American Clan War will use EST
2) Default Battle Times will be Thursday, 9:30pm EST (first round), 10:00pm EST (second round), Friday
9:30pm (third round), 10:00pm EST (fourth/final round) Assuming the max 8 attacks is made on the same
3) The maximum delay time is 3 minutes after the scheduled start time.
4) If one team is missing at BT+5 (Battle Time plus 5 minutes), the present team wins.
5) If both teams are missing at BT+20 (Battle Time plus 20 minutes), both teams lose. Battle is a draw.
6) Both teams must say “READY” in the training room chat.
7) If a team declares a forfeit, winning team cannot post win until BT+5.
-----To report missing team-----
1) Declare victory, send a comment to other teams leadership.
2) Two screeshots, first @ 5 min after normal start time showing 5+ players on present team.
3) The second, shows discussion with one of enemy Team Leader with no answer @ 20 min after.
-----Training Room Settings-----
1) Battle Time: 15 minutes.
2) Home Team (left side of schedule) creates the room.
3) Map is decided by the territory on the global map.
4) A player can not be in two different battles at the same time.
5) Must be named “CCW [home team] vs [team 2] + time-slot”
I.E.--- CCW [SF] vs [WHAWK]
6)Teams MUST use FOG OF WAR (hide enemy planes)
7) Room MUST remain OPEN to BT+20 for default win
8) Use the following procedure to create the training room:
8A) Turn on the "Hide enemy aircraft models" option when creating the room. The Home Team must select
their planes first and add them to either Team 1 or Team 2. Once the Home Team Captain is happy with
their team setup, they type "Ready" in the Training Room channel. At this point, the Home Team's plane
setup is locked and they may not add any more players to their team (even if a player leaves the room). The
Home Team Captain should take a screen shot of the Training Room lobby (showing the Training Room
chat with their "Ready" declaration) so they can prove that the locked-in team is in fact the same team that
participates in the battle.
8B) As soon as the Home Team captain indicates they are ready, the Away team should select their planes.
It is recommended that you not select your planes before this time because the Home Team captain can see
all planes. When the Away Team captain is happy with their team setup, they must type "Ready" in the
Training Room channel. If alternates are present in the queue, the Away Team captain must also indicate
which players to add.
8C) As soon as the Away Team Captain types "Ready", the training room creator must add their pilots to
the opposing team and click the Battle button.
-----Battle Results -----
1) When the battle is over, the team leader of the winning team must report on NA CCW web site.
2) Loosing team must confirm the result. The confirm button will appear when winner team had send
3) You must fill the following information to send the result :
4) Battle result: Win or Draw.
5) If the battle is a win : select the winner.
6) Screen shots: Overall results and Team results( Obligation ).
7) Comments are optional.
8) After the two teams send results, battle results will be show on the global map.
-----Elimination Reasons---
1) Team not present in training room @ BT+3. (Battle Time plus 3 minutes)
2) Incorrect Aircraft selections
3) Incorrect members in team lineup
4) Incorrect Training Room Settings
5) Every violation of the terms of use within a battle must be justified with a screenshot(s).
-----Win/Loss/Draw conditions-----
1) If the battle is a win, the winning team go on the next round.
2) If the owner wins the battle, he keeps the country.
3) If the attacker wins, the attacker is the new owner of the country.
4) If there is only one attacker, battle decides ownership.
1) If the battle ends with a draw, both teams are eliminated.
2) If the battle is the last scheduled and is a draw, the owner keeps his territory.
---Others situations---
1) For a battle, if the two teams are absent, it's considered a draw and teams are eliminated.
2) If 2 teams attack a territory and are absent for the battle, they are eliminated. The owner keeps the
3) If there is no attacker, the owner keeps the country.
---No owner---
1) The winner of the final battle wins the country.
2) If there is only one attacker, he wins the territory. (Must have screen shots as required)
3) If 2 teams attack and are absent, they are eliminated. The country is still neutral and remains owned by
4) If there is no attacker, the country is still neutral and owns to civilians.
--------CHANGE LOG--------
Last Updated – 06-16-2016 – PK
5-27-2016--PK--Updated wording inside of rules, wrong translation in spots. Condensed rules to
manageable form, nothing changed rule wise.
5-27-2016--PK--Added NEEDS WORK to key areas
5-28-2016--PK--Changed some more wording--Sooo much to correct
5-30-2016―PK--added and updated according to marcos notes, line-up rules, teams, times
5-31-2016 – PK – Finalized rule sheet, added headers, added page breaks, exported.
6-1-2016 – PK –
minor changes
6-2-2016 -- PK -- changed front page names and admin teams, added mixed teams policy to team
registration, added wednesday to peace and quiet times, changed rule #8 territories section, changed default
battle times, changed fog of war rule,
6-2-2016 -- PK -- added GhostPrime [WGA] to the dispute resolution lead position
6-3-2016 -- PK -- Rewrote Team Registration section rules #5 thru 8, moved special notes to bottom of
same area
6-3-2016--PK--Moved items from team registration to line-up rules and vicea versa, changed GhostPrimes
6-4-2016--PK-- Removed wolflobo[S-S-G] from admin team at his request.
6-13-2016—PK--Removed rule 5 from territories, landings only allowed on COASTAL areas.
6-16-2016—PK--Updated names on admin roster
6-16-2016--PK--changed tier allotments to 5 thru 10.
6-16-2016—PK--Added rule to territories, part 3, max of 2 attacks opening day, then increasing to 3.
6-16-2016—PK--Added to territory rule 7, ability to cross great lakes region to attack.
6-16-2016—PK--Updated Battle Results, part 1, directing teams to report on the NA CCW website.
6-16-2016—PK--Updated territories, part 8, defending teams must have 5 players minimum in all attacked
territories, or declare a loss.
-----Nothing follows-----

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