UPDATE 1.9.7 is Comming
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Update 1.9.7
Update News
Please note:   In order to deploy Update1.9.7, the servers will undergo maintenance on   November 10 from 00:00 PT (03:00 ET) - 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)
It's time for another update! We're adding two new French Premium warbirds, a special event, and new gift aircraft!  Check out the overview or  jump ahead to the full update notes for details on all the new content!
New Premium Aircraft
The French nation adds a couple birds to their collection:
Delanne 10C2 - Tier V Fighter
SNCASE SE 100 - Tier V Heavy Fighter
New Special Event!
November marks the third anniversary of World of Warplanes hitting the heights, and we've got a great set of missions just for you! Keep your eyes peeled for more information about "Three Years Airborne" we can tell you now that the rewards include:
A Grand Prize
Special Emblems
And more...
New Gift Planes
A selection of new gift planes are being added:
Kocherigin Yatsenko CI-6i - Tier III Soviet Fighter
Arsenal VB 10 - Tier VII French Heavy Fighter
Bell P-39N-1 Airacobra - Tier VI US Fighter

UPDATE 1.9.7
Balance Fixes for Aircraft
·          Improved the visualization of rear gunners firing, and increased burst duration for rear guns mounted on:
 Fw 189 C, Ju 87 G, Me 410, Me 265, Me 329, Me 1099 B-2, Me P.1102 B, and XP-58 

New Aircraft 
New Planes Available in the Premium Shop:
·         Arsenal-Delanne AD 10C2: French Tier V fighter
·        SNCASE SE 100 French Tier V heavy fighter
New Gift Aircraft
·         Kochyerigin-Yatsenko DI-6i: Tier III fighter
·        Arsenal VB 10: French Tier VII heavy fighter
·        Bell P-39N-1 Airacobra: U.S. Tier VI fighter
Moving Rear Guns
We're still testing animated rear gunners and their guns. Now, you can see rear gunners tracking and firing at targets, plus we've added animation for the rear guns . For this update, moving rear guns were added for the following aircraft: Fw 189 C, Ju 87 G, Me 410, Me 265, Me 329, Me 1099 B-2, Me P.1102 B, and XP-58.
Limited Time Offer: "French Duo" 
For a limited time, there will be an offer for the "French Duo" bundle that will include two French aircraft: the Tier V Arsenal-Delanne AD 10C2 fighter and Tier V SNCASE SE 100 heavy fighter. These two aircraft will be available for purchase only as a bundle that will also include a unique paint scheme, nose art, and emblem. 
Event "Three Years Airborne!" 
To mark the third anniversary of World of Warplanes, the update will bring a new Fall Marathon with a chain of compound missions. Players who complete all the primary tasks will be awarded the the Kochyerigin-Yatsenko DI-6i, a Soviet Tier III multirole fighter. If you complete all additional tasks, you'll get the Arsenal VB 10, a French Tier VII heavy fighter.
Paint Schemes
Bonus paint schemes were added for a number of aircraft. The paint schemes will be available for holders of the Sikorsky Order. (At this point, the accrual of gift camouflage for participation in the Alpha and Beta tests of World of Warplanes is complete.)
List of aircraft:
·        I-15
·        I-15bis DM-2
·        Yak-15
·        Hawker Demon
·        Skua
·        Boomerang CA-12
·        Bristol Type 133
·        Beaufighter
·        De Havilland 103 Hornet
·        De Havilland 98 Mosquito
·        Spitfire I
·        Spitfire V
·        Spitfire IX
·        Spitfire XIV
·        Wirraway CA-1
Fixes for Aircraft Models
Added oxygen masks for pilots of the following aircraft:
·        IL-20
·        La-11
·        La-9
·        I-250
·        Yak-3RD
·        Ta 152
·        P-82 Twin Mustang
·        XP-58 Chain Lightning
·        XP-72
·        F2G Super Corsair
·        P-51H Mustang
·        Ki-94-ІІ
·        Spitfire XIV
·        Seafang
Bug Fixes
·        Fixed Hangar interface where the description of the advantages of Premium aircraft in the panel with aircraft specifications disappeared after switching between aircraft
·        Fixed game client freezing when showing replays, especially when the play speed was high
·        Fixed functionality of "Battle results" and "Invite to Flight" buttons in the Contact menu
·        Fixed active microphone not displaying in the "Volume" tab in the settings menu even when the microphone worked
·        Fixed Crew panel disappearance after opening and closing the game settings when the "Crew" tab was opened
·        Fixed a bug that happened when the game minimized and maximized while the Hangar was loading
·        Fixed a bug where the hints related to the "Japanese Threat" event displayed after the event ended
·        Fixed some critical bugs associated with loading and leaving a battle
·        Fixed chassis of the Ki-61 not displaying correctly   
·        Changed the position of the weapons mounted in the nose on the K-27
·        Fixed chassis of the damaged Ju 88 P not displaying correctly

·        Fixed identical appearance of 20mm and 30mm cannons mounted on the Ta 152  

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