The new game mode is inviting testers!
Colonel LaSandren 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Feb 2017
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 The new game mode is inviting testers!
In World of Warplanes begins closed beta of the new regime, "Conquest". The essence of the mode is to capture and hold the key points on the battlefield.
"Conquest" mode
Airfields and military bases, factories and command centers - they are all covered by fighters and air defense guns and capture each object will bring you not only the victory points, but also tangible bonuses in combat that will decide the outcome of the battle in your favor.
The game will be a new class of aircraft - bombers, high-rise car with powerful engines and a huge bomb load. You will be able not only to direct the them, but also to participate in the reflection of massive raids of enemy "flying fortresses". And those who have always wanted to work for "Mihalich", will be in his place. Yes, bombers and attack aircraft will be available for manual control bortstrelkom.
Rebirth in combat
And, of course, testers will try out the revival of the downed aircraft directly into battle, see the revised map, a modified graphics and effects.
The sky is calling!
Do you want to evaluate a new game mode, World of Warplanes before its release? Business for small: as soon as possible to apply for and join the participants of the test. Take part in the fighting, pay attention to mistakes, share experiences and to express their wishes. Which game will ultimately depends on you and your participation in the test. Good luck in the air and a good game!

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