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Registration Agreement
Welcome to all from Joint Air Command. 
We are Recruiting new mature and active members. 
We are a Social, Training, and Team Oriented Group that is preparing for the World of Warplanes upcoming clan wars. 

We try to rise to the Ideals of 
Justice, Courage, 
Mercy, Benevolence,
Politeness, Harmony, 
Honesty, Sincerity, 
Loyalty, Character, 
Self-Control, Honor.

Rude, lude, vile, argumentative, threatening, excessive negativity or harassing  
behavior will not be tolerated in any way!

  • We will need to remain active on the site. 
  • You will be require to conduct yourself in a courteous both in clan chat and in battle chat. If you can't get along with someone place them on ignore and talk to an officer about it. Do not get into a raging argument with them.   
  • You are not joining for the purpose of rival or allied clan espionage or clan disruption. 

If you think you can rise to the challenge of our ideals, conduct yourself accordingly, and if you are interested in joining send in an application and visit http://joinclan.jointairc ...  <(-_-)

Members joining from other clans please observer our rules concerning behavior and conduct. 
Also Please let us know your clans name and clan tag. 

I accept the terms of service and privacy policy: