Spring Round Robin Test League
Spring Round Robin Test League
Scheduled Start:
8:00 PM Sat 21st May 2016
Number of teams:
Players per team:
Single Round Robin
Entrance Fee:

This will be a test for a round robin weekly league, best 3 out of 5 battles, tier 4, meaning that your team will play each team in the league one time and the team with the most wins rounds wins the league. Tentatively will start on Saturday, May 21st at 9:00 pm central time which time zones are listed on the main page of the site.  Matches will be set for each Saturday at 9:00 pm unless other wise arranged by opposing team captains.  Each weeks matches will be listed on the site.

Each player will need to join the JACS website as a member to be included in the league. You will not be a member of the JACS Clan just the website.

Prepare yourselves for combat as the skies fill up with deadly acrobatic assassins. This is Spring Round Robin Test League. This time, there will be no mercy. Only the best pilots will escape alive as the air is set alight with machine gun fire, bombs, and the burning fuselages of fallen combatants.

Do you have what it takes to capture first place in this no-holds-barred tier 4 slugfest?

Prove it.

Bring your best team, grab your flight gear, and suit up for a 4 on 4 brawl, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself on the podium.

Registration Begins: Open Now!
Registration Ends: May 20, 2016 at 12:00 PDT (03:00 EDT)

Team & Tier Limit Rules
With a maximum of 4 players per team, a team must field a selection of planes based on the maximum tier limits below:

  • Attack Aircraft:4
  • Carrier-Based Fighter: 4
  • Fighter: 4
  • Heavy Fighter: 4
  • LIMIT OF 2 OF ANY PLANE MODEL PER BATTLE PER TEAM   (i.e. only 2 BF-109B allowed per team per battle)
Victory Conditions

  • The winner of each round will be determined as the first to 3 victories with a maximum of 5 battles
  • Each battle will last 10 minutes with a five-minute break in between
  • If there is a tie, then both captains will be responsible for sending in screenshots of all matches, and a decision will be reached by the admins as to a winner using the following order:

Registration Information
Registration begins on May 1st 2016 and will end on May 20th 2016 at 12:00 PDT (15:00 EDT), and must follow the criteria listed below:

  • Teams MUST have a minimum of 4 players on the roster to start the league. Any team not meeting these requirements will be denied. However if a team member is absent for a particular reason you may battle with fewer than 4 and/or have a fill in IF AND ONLY IF your opponents for that week agree to it.
  • The team captains must send and email to JACSLeague@jointaircommand.com.
  • email MUST contain: 
  • A team name
  • The in-game names of all members
  • Any links representing your team like forum or group.
  •  The team roster will be posted in a league page for viewing purposes by everyone. This roster will be posted and contunuelly updated as people join the league.
  • Only the first 16 teams will be accepted

The full schedule will be provided at the close of registration once the final team has been determined. 

Rounds will begin at 21:00 CDT (22:00 EDT) unless an alternative time has been chosen and agreed to by the team captains.

Teams will follow these rules:

  • The team on top of the schedule will be considered the "Home" team and be responsible for creating the training room no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of battle with proper settings (correct map; battle time of 10 minutes; correct tier settings)
  • "Home" captains are responsible for informing the opposing captain of the room's creation and placing all members on proper sides
  • The "Away" captain is responsible for informing the "Home" captain that their team is ready to start the battle
  • Battles are should start by 21:00 CDT (unless another time has been decided on and agreed to by the team captians.)
  •  Training Rooms are required to be made by the "Home" team no later than 15 minutes prior to required battle time
  • If the 'Home" team captain has created the room and informed the opponent of the room creation by the proper time and the opposing team is not ready by required battle time, then the HOME captain has to take a screen pic of the time he/she informed the opposing captain (chat box) as well as his/her team readied up in the training room
  • If the "Home" team captain has not created a room nor informed the opponent that one is created by the battle mark, then the opposing captain needs to make an attempt to contact the "Home" captain, as well as take a screenshot showing a timestamp, then submit that to JACSLeague@jointaircommand.com. Doing so will declare a no-show by the "Home" team

  • Round 1: May 21 (Saturday)
  • Round 2: May 28 (Saturday)
  • Round 3: June 4 (Saturday)
  • Round 4: June 11 (Saturday)
  • Round 5: June 18 (Saturday)
  • Round 6: June 25 (Saturday)
  • Round 7: July 2 (Saturday)
  • Round 8: July 9 (Saturday)
  • Round 9: July 16 (Saturday)
  • Round 10: July 23 (Saturday)
  • Round 11: July 30 (Saturday)
  • Round 12: August 6 (Saturday)
  • Round 13: August 13 (Saturday)
  • Round 14: August 20 (Saturday)
  • Round 15: August 27 (Saturday)

  • The number of days needed will be dependent on how many teams register; however, it will not pass 64 teams or six rounds. Be prepared for this amount of days before registering
Team Captains  will email the following to Results@jointaircommand.com :

  1. Team Name
  2. Opponents Team Name
  3. Battle Results

Captains will save screen shots of each match for verification if requested.

If you are interested you can get a   Free GameVox Server.

This description may be added to or altered up to the time of the first match.

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